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This book is a preparatory guide to lead you to the higher realms of heaven. It offers words to invoke the spirit and experience the soul as a way to understand that heaven can be experienced while still on Earth. 

If we really can open our mind and understand there is life after death, then it is possible to prepare for our journey on. We can overcome fear and express forgiveness, and share our love 

Everyone will face death in their lifetime. These pivotal times are part of everyone’s spiritual journey. This is one of the reasons why I’m writing this book. Just as we prepare for a trip, so can we orient our minds and emotions to look at death as a great adventure. It is celebrated in some cultures as a rebirth and more. Western cultures are beginning not see death as a terrible thing but as a natural progression on the eternal wheel of life and death, birth and rebirth. Death should not be a fearful word. It can be a very valuable and a life changing time for everyone involved in the experience. 

This book is written in a popular, conversational style. The book’s message is inspiring, timely and uplifting. The chapters include affirmations, poems, meditations, prayers, and insights from a wide spectrum of the author’s direct experience based on 50 years of insight and messages received from meditation. 

It includes step by step way to get in tune with your soul so that you can connect with inner realms of consciousness. There are inspiring messages that are from loved ones in Heaven. There are also meditations, quotes and affirmations to use that can bring comfort from the loss of a loved one. It is also a book that will give those who have a fear of death to come to a deeper understanding that in spirit we never die.

     Angel Blessings Messages from Heaven        

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