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University of Sedona

Worlds largest metaphysical university system which is founded on decades of

consciousness research. They offer complete curriculums in all aspects of metaphysical subjects.

Robert Dubial

Robert is a Shaman and teacher, who offers pst life regression, astrology and soul retrieval and channeling

Liah Howard

Liah is a gifted psychic, teacher, writer and radio host. She offers insight through Psychic/Channeled readings.

Jayne Gibson

Dr. Jane Gibson performs wedding ceremonies

and spiritual healing.

Michael Benner

The Ageless Wisdom Mystery School


Arcane Realities

Glenn Grillo aka Arcane  does tour visuals, and has worked for Sphongles, for Carlos Santana's Architects of a New Dawn. His largest projection installations in theme park history. skype : arcaneparadox facebook: Glenn Grillo 415 424 9033



Giovanni is a Composer, recording artist, arranger, performer, inventor.  Music" He has done 28 TV series Broadcast on stations around the world & Distributed by “ Warner Brothers Television. Go to www.giovanni. com 

Gregor Pracht

Gregor Prächt is an award winning tenor, songwriter and producer. Gregor creates film and theatre scores. He created the gregorology musicsystem

Luara Sullivan

Laura Sullivan is a Grammy award winning artist who has relaesed 7 inspiring albums.

go to

Action Moves People

A wonderful project by a team of Grammy award winning srtists using spoken word with music to inspire and make a difference.

Krista Wallhagen

Krista is a very talented graphic artist, and photographer who has worked on many cd projects, incluing "action Moves People" and "There is a Forever, the Blessings of Heaven".

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