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There Is A Forever

There Is A Forever

Right Here And Now

Beyond Lifes Distractions We Hear The Call

Deep In Our Hearts We Find Today

How To Live In Forever With Love As A Way

There Is A Forever That Holds Words That I Say

There Is A Promise Of A Bright New Day

When We Look In Our Hearts When We Look To Our Souls

We Find The Promise To All Of Lifes Goals

To Be On The Journey With The Family Of One

To Continue The Work That We've Begun

Deep Within The Masters Can Know

How To Reach Us Beyond The Confusion That Grows

When We Limit Our Dreams To The Small Earthly Schemes

We Limit The Whole That Is More Than It Seems

Listen In Silence Listen And Hear

There Is A Forever Forever I'm Near

There Is A Forever Waiting For You

Im Here In That Place That Can Help See You Through

So Journey On With Courage Believe

Our Spirit Forever Is Boundless And Free

Bless All Of The Journey Bless All Of The Days You Have Left To Guide You To The One Way

There Is A Forever Together We Know

There Is A Forever Where We Will All Go

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