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 New Book 

“There is Forever, Blessings from Heaven” is a new book that will be out this year. The purpose of the book is to help people connect with their soul and so help the process of transition from this life to the next.

It offers a complete spiritual compilation of Spirit inpired messages that are designed to connect you with your soul.

It covers, forgiveness, peace, love, light, prayers, heaven and how you can be in touch with those on the other side.



  The Travel Angel Ambassadors.

Is a network of those who are spiritually oriented to connect worldwide. It will be a way to find others who can guide us in a spiritual direction to areas they love in the place they live. This might be a chance to find others who know meditation sites, who wish to do yoga together, who do massage, or art or even who are musicians. 



 New CD 

“There is Forever, Blessings from Heaven” is a new 

 CD that will be released this year. The poems will be accompanied by music from award winning artists. 

 Through inspirational music and uplifting calming words people can use this time to connect with their soul as they enter into a meditative state through listening to There is a Forever, The Blessings of Heaven. All proceeds from the CD’s profits will be given to select hospice care centers world wide. I will also be donating these CD’s to hospice care centers, and to assisted care facilities around the world for people to listen to. Everyone involved is volunteering their services and I am paying for all production costs. 


People on our team for this project so far are Grammy Award winning producer Kevin Mackie, Krita Wallhagen, Gregor Praecht, Tim Gleeson, with music supplied by Giovanni Marradi, Gregor Praecht, and Laura Sullivan.



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