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A Prayer for Patience


Help me to love others as you love me

And help me to not be afraid to ask for help when I need

And yes, there’s thing with the patience it takes

And there’s a lot of patience needed to build and create

I realize you have so much patience with me

I guess you know I’ll get there eventually.

It takes a lot to manifest these dreams

And to share the visions given to me.

I know you have given these things for me to do

And I can’t do them alone so I need others help too.

Let my cause be centered and true

And may it always be serving you

And as I work to share what you given to me

May that work be done with love it needs

I realize on this journey through life where I go

I am never really alone

And there’s a reason for that I’ve come to see

It’s really meant that we work together it seems

For we are all one part of a greater whole

And as we learn in life we continue to grow

May I grow with grace to get my work done

And to serve you through helping others become

What they need to make there dreams come true

May I find that love inside of me

With blessings given so abundantly

So that I may live a live worthy and true

With gratitude I offer it all to you.

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