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Preview Excerpts from, There Is a Forever"

You are a Precious Flower

You are now a precious flower

In the garden of heaven’s love,

A blessed blossom of light above.

Born from a seed of heaven’s garden

and Given unto heaven’s gate by the Creator’s son,

We can plant the seed of a flower or tree,

So in our heart this love will grow,

Bring this gift of beauty to those Who would care for it and know.

You are now a precious flower of heaven,

With all of the elements you have given as gifts,

Still here with roots in the earth,

Kissed by breath of the air,

Blessed rain from skies and the fire

Whose brilliance is light’s rebirth.

Bring the perfect reflection of spirit In the beauty that we all now know,

For all the earth is a single flower,

And we all hold this magic in our soul.

So if God were to offer you this perfect gift

Of a seed of a flower from heaven’s garden to grow,

Could you open your heart and accept it,

And care for the perfection that unfolds?

For we all are precious flowers of love,

In heaven and when we find rebirth.

You were brought here to care for the garden,

So paradise can be remembered by your time on earth.

Care for the love inside you,

Care for the seeds you plant,

Share the gift of the garden of heaven,

And bring that love back here to earth.

The Net from Heaven

What net from heaven could you reachTo catch an angel’s fall?

How could you heal the gossamer wings that reach to protect you through it all?

Can you catch a spirit’s heart?

Can you merge with a vision of beauty,

And embrace a light that comes from heaven,

And leaves without a trace?

When you see a rainbow,

Can you capture the heavenly rays

That light the earth and let you glimpse

The beauty of God’s reflection,

And such holy grace?

Perhaps the challenge of the impossible dance,

And the visions sometimes seen,

Will lead to you remember the realms

Of the land where the angels sing.

And maybe there is no shadow

From the spirits who guide your way,

But when you wish upon a star,

It can lead to a higher place.

For there is a shimmer of the veils that cover

The many realms of dreams,

And when the veils are lifted away,

It reveals a little more to see.

You might breathe the breath of spirit,

'And you might be blessed by guardians of the way,

When the world is merged with the land beyond dreams.

And you might find the truth,

When we come to the place where we are redeemed.

But for now, while you are here on earth,

You live each and every day,

With your feet walking on the path,

And your eyes sometimes seeing heaven’s way.

The Halls of Heaven

Somewhere in these hallowed halls of heaven,

There comes a calling in God’s name.

nd all the sounds of the universe sing forth,

In harmony to reclaim.

The mystical wave of energy,

That flows through space and time,

That asks us to remember

Our original face before we had masks to hide.

There is freedom to be who we really are,

And not who the world wished us to be.

For our time on this earth is limited,

We are part of a timeless journey.

And when we emerge from the tides of time,

What would you have us be?

For we are more than echoes that bring

The merging of the bridge that leads us to be free.

For we have been guests here on this planet,

And we have shared our hearts and souls,

And this is the love you’ll remember

Even when you are called to go,

To find your way through the halls of heaven,

Back to where you came from,

To be part of the eternal life

That is alive in God’s great kingdom.

Match the Beauty of Heaven

Match the beauty of heaven

Here on this planet Earth.

Match the colors of the morning sky

And feel the glory and all it’s worth.

See the miracles that take place

In every moment we watch.

The beauty of heaven here on Earth

Is brought to us as a gift at birth.

Remember why you came here,

Remember what can be.

When you look for the beauty of heaven,

Here on Earth you find a way to be

Part of the plan

That reveals the soul,'

Part of the way we believe.

Heaven and all its miracles

Are here for us to see. How Sweet

How sweet the divine fragrance

The garden of heaven brings,

How precious the love that blossoms there,

With the grace of God’s nurturing.

Breathe in the holy moment

That holds the light of the soul,

Receive the gifts that were promised you,

When your spirit took control.

You can come to the garden to worship,Y

ou can sit here in silence and pray,

You can visit with Masters and angels

Who guide you on your way.

How sweet the fragrance of heaven

How great the comfort it can be,

Let the radiance of God’s blessings

Bring a peace that heals and sets you free.

Lay down all your burdens,

And enter here to be revived

With the spirit that dwells inside you,

And feel the love that heals your life.

How sweet the blessings of the Master,

How grateful I am to be In the presence of God’s sweet gifts,

That the garden of heaven brings.

Heaven Let the soft traces of heaven

Ease into your mind,

With the radiant light of spirit,

Its gentle touch you find.

Let the whispers of the presence’s breeze

Caress you so you might be reminded

Of the perfect love that heals all wounds,

Let it fill your soul with peace divine.

The angels and the Masters smile,

And welcome you each day,

In the meeting place between the worlds,

Just let the troubles slip away.

Bring heaven’s love into your life,

Let it dwell deep within your soul.

Release the limitations,And let all burdens go.

Bring the light of heaven

Right here into the earth.

Just reach out and you will find it,

And see what this gift is worth.

All of the treasures of paradiseLie within your soul,

The perfect heaven is waiting for you,

Just believe and it is so.

In the Light of Heaven

In the light of heaven,

There is a breath that’s magic,

Can you see it in your soul?

It’s the spark that burns in the temple within,

The breath lights the song it sings.

Can you let this love heal your heart and soul,

And be alive in the circle of love it brings?

So you may know how to have the strength

To let the love light grow,S

o you may learn the way heaven is,

For it’s what you’ve been longing for.

All of your life you’ve been waitingFor this special moment to come,

To reach beyond limitation’s demands,

And now, in this moment, you finally can.

Open the door and see what’s inside,

See what’s waiting for you and me,

In the still light you find in heaven

There is a hidden key

In this mystery unfolding there is so much more to be.

Let it bring you to the door,

For the time has come For you to be free. So bring the light of heaven

To merge here within you now,

With a new vision of reality

That will bring you a new life of love.

For there is the light of spirit

That is always alive in you and me

,And the magic is always waiting

When we journey to heaven and are set free.

Softly the Petals of Heaven

Softly the petals of heaven fall,

So gently over me,

I breathe in their sweet fragrance

and letThem bring my soul to me.

There is a final destiny, there is a final goal.

I know it’s waiting there for me,

Beyond the long night of the soul.

For you have always been there God,

Just asking that I love what may.

You would have me love the world,

And love my fellow man you say.

Give me strength to see

That there’s much more to what I am,

For the world is weary and in need,

For the old ways are nearly gone,

And the new ways have begun.

And I can almost see it in the breaking of the dawn.

I can almost feel it come,

for the shift is oh, so near.

And the battle has been so long.

And there are many tired of the fight.

You’d think the world would just choose love,I

nstead of this endless fight.

And we could work together,

And God’s will could lead us to what’s right,

Let all workers of light and visionaries

Be free to help guide the way

To find a better way to be.

For the gates of heaven are open,

The petals of blessings fall.

And heaven on earth is waiting

With a true reflection of God’s love for us all.

For This Is Heaven

What if you knew there was glorious realm awaiting you,

That you would be restored to total love,

And blessed by the light,

To understand and see,

What life is really all about,

That there is a Forever,

And that the energy of love is carrying you

And is the Source of everything?

What if you knew that you that you would be free

Of all the suffering and pain you have endured

,And that this is what awaits you,

When you’re ready to knock on heaven’s door?

For this is heaven, a land of your true dreams,

It is what it is on the other side,

Where you are reunited with those you love,

And where your love is resides.

It is a celebration of spirit,

And a chance for you to fly,

To be with the angels of the Lord,

That you have longed to be at your side.

For there is the glory of heaven,

And you can trust that this is true.

Find the blessings and rewards,

All will come to you.

For this is heaven, and it awaits,

For this is our gift from God.

Was our final home where we will be renewed

And it is what our souls always knew.

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